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The joys of jewellery making & more animation adventures

It’s a new year with new beginnings for the Afrocats and kittens as we kickstart 2023 with resuming our Saturday Youth Of The World programme at Cross Street Chapel!

The first week back on session after our fantastic Christmas festivities had some creative treats lined up for our culturally diverse young people, many from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds as well as first-generation Brits, who may not have the means to access artistic and creative activities that their peers do.

This week, our 11-and-unders got stuck in with making a real stop-motion animation come to life alongside professional animator Toby from Tobbs.

Drawing every scene out frame by frame and uploading it to the Stop Motion Studio app, everyone was able to explore their drawing skills and see the finished product on the big screen with a projector kindly provided by Cross Street Chapel.

‘Today, we’re aiming to help our young people develop a beginner understanding of how animation works,’ says Toby.

‘And when we create the final animation with the Afrocats logo in a couple of weeks’ time, everyone will have a final product to be proud of!’

Can’t wait to see it, Toby!

Next door, the 12-and-overs were happily getting to grips with jewellery making under the expert guidance of professional artist Loren, who cone brought along the materials to make handcrafted cone drop earrings.

As you can see, the girls loved modelling their creations, and even made bracelets, rings, and phone charms as well, showing just how far young people’s imaginations can take them when they are given the time, opportunity and resources to explore their creativity.

Who knows, maybe there are some budding entrepreneurs and models amongst us?

Join us at Afrocats next week for more culture and creativity – we’ll see you then!

Keep up to date as we broaden young people’s horizons on our Youth Of The World Programme here.

If you’d like to get in touch with Toby about his animation skills, click here. And if you’d like to discover more about Loren’s fun handcrafted accessories, you can find her online store here.


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