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The Nature of This Flower Is to Bloom

Our Native of the World Tuesday group responded to this image. Here are a few pieces of the work created.


See a beautiful view through the window.

The sun caresses my eyes through the leaves of tall trees.

The sound of waterfall that generously gives its water to small river and big stones.

The sound gives me hope to continue be live.

I get relaxed from this view and wish all my friends and family near me .

I hugged them and enjoying that view.🌺❤️


I am a waterfall surrounded by trees and rock.

Shadows cascade over my body, making me beautiful.

I am protected by nature, I am nature.

Huge leaves keep me cool in the sun, making me feel alive and happy

I look up and there you are smiling down at me.


Friendship is gift to complete. It gives to enjoy and want to live.

Women are love , strong and certainly future.

My dream is l can change the world to be better.

Remove all issues.

ln my dream l can see all of my family. 🌺🌸

Why not write a poem and send it to us? what does this image make you think off?


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