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Workshops with Nayna

We work with women from the global majority, many of who are sanctuary seekers. We work with artists to dismantle barriers these women face in society and to develop their skills. We are delighted that Nayna has been spending time with a group of our women to grow their creativity. Nayna told us what she hopes to achieve with this project.

"My name is Nayna Lad, I was born and brought up in Ashton-under-Lyne but spent most of my adult life residing in Manchester. I’m a former Art Teacher with 18 years of teaching experience but since 2018 I have been delivering Arts and Crafts workshops all over the North-West with various community groups.

"My sessions focus on helping participants tap into their creative side through interacting with different materials to develop skills and techniques. There is always an outcome, something that is tangible to take home, so participants gain a sense of achievement at the end of the session.

"The workshops I'm running with the group of ladies at The Royal Exchange are intended to build confidence, develop language skills, support better mental health along with introducing engaging creative activities.

"Some of the sessions must focus on different cultures from within the group, so they feel a sense of belonging and can relate, which will also be a positive way of encouraging dialogue."

If you are interested in Afrocats delivering a creative workshop for your organisation we'd love to hear from you! Find out what we can offer by clicking here.


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